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I am a delicious paradox
I am a delicious paradox
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 Bizarrely Beautiful  sculpture by Megan E Craddock


deerly beloved
salfired paperclay - 2012

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I think these are the best words in the world that man can hear from a woman.

When a woman appreciates you and would put you above any kind of perfection, you must hold for it and never let her go. Because she loves you - a person. This is literally a living treasure.

#And can we appreciate what this means for Chandler? # Chandler whose been undervalued and ignored his whole life? #His parents barely noticed him,# all his other girlfriends left him for other guys,# he spent his relationship with Monica paranoid someone else# - Richard, Jeffrey, Don her ‘soulmate’, even Joey# - was better for her than him.# And then Monica just stands up # and tells him he is more important than what had been the biggest dream of her life# better than ‘the most perfect guy in the world’#

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I’d let him eat doritos off me


So I finally cracked open my Princess Diaries special edition dvd, and immediately went to the bloopers, as you do, and decided that the internet needed even more reasons to love Julie Andrews. You’re welcome.

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[swallows lit cigarette] it’s a metaphor

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